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Payment in Advance: Minimum order value: 5€. Limitations: none

After placing an order via our onlineshop, you will recieve an order confirmation in wich you will be able to check back the details. An order number will be allocated to you that we ask you to input as purpose of payment in the money transfer. Online-transfers will take up to 2 days, bankside transfers up to 3 days until the payment reaches us. As soon as the Payment is revieced, your order will be processed further. Our SEPA bank details cna also be found in the order cofirmation E-Mail.

Payment via SOFORT banking: After placing the order you will be automaticly redirected to sofortueberweisung,de where you complete your payment. Just a day later the money arrives and we forward your order to our storage. This form of payment is only available via the onlineshop itself.

Payment via Cash on delivery: Minimum order value 15€. Maximum order value 500€

Limitations: Only available to custormers in germany.

You will pay your order directly when recieving the parcel at your doorstep. Please have everything ready and counted to avoid the problem of change. Using cash on deliverly requires an extra fee of of 2€ that is raised by the DHL forwarding company.

Ensurance covered transportation with DHL Germany

We deliver using DHL germany. For deliveries abroad, DHL´s contracted partners take over. Using shipment tracking we can oversee the status of your delivery. If you want to return something, please make use of our Returning Service.

Deliveryfee / Money transferfee Deliverycost and cost oft he moneytransfer are listed on this page.